Vulcan Animalistic Logic

I was thinking about the Star Trek Philosophy of the Vulcan race. They are an alien society, the believes that the best life that is to be lived is one in which the emotions of the individual are suppressed. In this way the Vulcan is able to make rational decisions, because they are able to use logic that is free from emotion or biological impulses that could bias their judgment. This may not be accurate in all cases, particularly in the event of pon far, but this is the basis of Vulcan Thought.

But when I reflected on what is necessary for a Vulcan to suppress his emotions, I wondered if there was an easier way. The reason, after all the Vulcan’s accepted their famous creed, is that it was a way of avoiding M.A.D. But surly it would also be possible to live a good life if the ability of Vulcan’s to utilise their potentials were restricted? After all, I challenge you to find an animal that is illogical. They always have reasons for what they do. While their actions may not make sense to us, they become so if we restrict our intelligence to that of the most intelligent animals. And if it can be said that even animals have the potentiality to destroy their own societies, the ones that survive the test of evolution are kept in hemostasis.

I realize that Vulcan’s are a fictional society, and that these questions can never be answered positively. But I do think it is reasonable when looking at humanities relationship with nature, whether there are not aspects of the animal kingdom that are not superior. If animals are always rational because they have no intellect and therefore reason in the manner of a machine, can they not be considered rational in the sense that computers are? Something to think about.


Rumors of my Death Have been Widely Exagerated

I apologize that I have not been able to blog for an extended period of time. Every waking moment I have been separated from you has been an experience of agony upon my heart. I confide in you, dear reader, and while I have been faithfully trying to make friends in a variety of places, you have been a balm to my darkest thoughts. I am writing this in public, so I have no more time for Writing today, but please expect further articles from me in the coming days, my readers should find this a real treat.

Until we meet again,

Marry part

They all Suck

I recently saw an article by one blogger who talked about a student they knew, age 12, who received death threats  from his classmates because he is a conservative. So he posted some bullshit about how horrible the liberals are, the entire liberal way of thinking, When i saw his post, i thought about the state laws that make it ok to bully gay students. I also thought about all the gay and transgender teens who have committed suicide because of bullying. Not to mention the fact that bullying amongst children, is often sanction by their parents who often threaten large groups of their fellow countrymen. In all groups, there are idiots, there are criminals, there is evil, and there is hate. But. In all groups there are also geniuses, philanthropists, goodness, and love. So let us not judge a movement by the actions of a few. But instead let us judge a movement by the merits of its ideas.

People are prejudiced because the cling to prejudice. they do this because they are under the mistaken impression that their prejudice is a strength. They think that prejudice gives them some sort of hidden knowledge the rest of us don’t have. But in reality all prejudice does is create useless anger, anger that cheapens life, and makes it short.

Why We’re Going To Talk About Racism and Guns and Flags and Privilege… Now.

I reblog this for two reasons. One dialogue is at the heart of my ethics. IDIC (infinite diversity in infinite combinations).
two what use is the principle of IDIC if i cannot occasionally agree with the sentiments of those i disagree with

john pavlovitz


America, we need to talk.

We need to talk about a lot of things.

We need to talk about racism,
and gun violence,
and manipulative media,
and Confederate flags,
and partisan politics,

and white privilege,
and religious extremism,
and mental health.

We need to, but apparently we can’t because we’ve been told so.

The decision of silence has been made for us:

“It’s too soon.”
“That’s not the real issue here.”
“The timing isn’t right.”
“That won’t prevent what happened in Charleston.”

This is simply no longer acceptable.

If now is not the time, just when in God’s name is it time?

What is the tipping point in human life where dialogue becomes permissible?

When is there enough blood spilled to merit everything having to be held up to the raking light of examination?

Nine beautiful African-American people are gunned down;
by a young white male claiming racial hatred as his sole motive,
with a…

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Fourth of July, Hope and Obergefell v. Hodges

Fred B-C: Freelance Hope Warrior

This is going to be a really special July 4th.

A lot of us are going to read some retrospectives and analyses of July 4th. We’ll be celebrating each other and our families as a nation, something that is positive. But a lot of us will also be repeating some really disastrous and destructive myths.

“The land of the free, the home of the brave”.

Except America was, even in theoretical terms, only “free” after maybe the 1960s and 1970s. Until then, it was “free” in the same way that a person covered up to their neck in ice is “unfrozen”: A tiny majority were free but the vast majority were not. And while Americans have often been brave, bravery in defense of country and ideology is pretty much a universal story of the human species. Our problem has rarely been bravery, it’s been the compassion…

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Your Heaven is My Hell

I think that when christians cry crocodile tears about loosing their rights to marriage equality, they ought to read the testimonies of gays.

the bear and the cricket

Dear Christian,

Hello again. Today we meet on the other side of a door that, until this week, had been left unopened: nationwide marriage equality. This was a historic, monumental day and it is a day that many in the LGBTQ+ community never imagined would come true, in large part, friend, because of you. You have put so much effort—so many arguments, so many articles filled with biased polls and inaccurate information, so many prayers, so many days petitioning or voting against us—in keeping us from gaining as many rights as you possibly could. You’ve done very well, and had many successes. But this year, dear friend, the tides have turned. Marriage equality is nationwide (notice that I call it marriage equality and not “gay marriage”), the President has formally spoken against reparative therapy, the general public is being educated on trans* rights and issues. We…

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Privilege is a hard concept to define. Some people take it as the idea that if you belong to a group of people that historically have been at the top of the social scale, your privileged status must exempt you entirely from the problems of the downtrodden classes. The reality is that yes, there are plenty of poor people, people who may indeed be male, white, christian, conservative, whose opportunities in life are restricted by the systems we have in place. It doesn’t seem to them that they are privileged in any case, because of the poor neighborhood they live in, their inability to pay for school, their inability to find time off of work to deal with an illness, yet alone the money to fulfil the copays necessary to deal with their illnesses.  But this definition of privilege is horrible flawed, because it requires one to believe that there are no social ills simply because there is suffering at the top tiers of the food chain. Let me state this very simply, you are privileged if you think sexism, racism, homophobia etc., don’t exist because you yourself haven’t experienced it, there are elements of your life that also suck, and because social ills aren’t as bad as they used to be.

Here is what privilege is, when you think you are being discriminated against because somebody wished you well and said happy holidays instead of assuming you celebrated Christmas. Privilege is thinking that the problem of racism has been solved, because your one black friend, who is in actuality just a reluctant acquaintance, hasn’t seen fit to share his encounters with social inequality. Privilege is when you confuse the ancient right to force your religious beliefs onto others as a loss of freedom, just because people you call sinners can now receive the same rights and dignities you have always possessed. But perhaps one of the worst manifestations of privilege comes from the idea that one has the right to inform people that they are going to be tortured for all eternity, but that it is hate speech to say that idea is ridiculous, and shouldn’t be used to settle issues with constitutional law.

Case in point here is a video that has been going viral lately. It is a video in which people share their concerns for coming out. Except that, they aren’t concerned for coming out as gay, but they are worried to reveal to the world that they are anti-gay. They defend the right to hold opinions on gay people and their unions, views that would be called out as discriminatory if it were directed at any other group or their marriages. They also attempt to defend themselves against the charge of bigotry because in their sight, it isn’t bigotry to hold the idea that some people are worth less than others are, if it is a “sincere religious belief”.

Really, you are worried about being a conservative christian when over 70 present of the country is christian? You think you are being discriminated against even though you have the right to do the same things you have always done, and say the same things you’ve always said? Or is it because others are exercising their free speech to counter your ideas, and they are saying things about what they see as a hateful ideology, that you just don’t want to hear? Check this link if you want to see what real bigotry and persecution is like, just bear in mind that these pictures may not be appropriate for all viewers.

But if I pretend that privilege is, purely homophobic in nature, or that it only manifests itself in whining or violence I would be remiss in my duties as a social activist. Privilege more often manifests itself as the implicit ostracism of one person’s viewpoint simply because of their background, but the acceptance of it when someone more like yourself agrees with it. Oftentimes this happens when somebody makes an argument and is told they are wrong, then somebody else says the exact same thing and is praised for it. How is that a logical acceptance of fact? Not to mention, how is it fair to assume social groups you don’t belong to have an ulterior motive  when they argue about a cause, but someone who you agree with is just being reasonable if they speak out about the exact same cause. For example, if a woman speaks about sexism, or someone black speaks about racism, the woman is called sexist, while the black person is called a racial agitator, but if a white man speaks out against racism and sexism, the same people think he is being compassionate, this isn’t right.

I have a list of things I think we should do to combat privilege. One, you get as well as you give in argument, so if you don’t want your ideas mocked, don’t start off the conversation by denouncing your opponent as a traitor, damming them to hell, or cursing at them. Two, judge arguments by their merits and not by who is making the arguments. Three, the people who control our society are bent on using you as a pawn, they do this by distracting you by turning your angst against other groups of people. If you hear somebody call for the wholesale destruction, the humbling, or the subjugation of an entire group of people, all the arguer is doing is distracting you from your true aggressors. This has been true ever since the aristocracy discovered that it could always direct your anger towards a rich peasant who is resented because he is doing better than his peers, instead of the peasant’s anger being directed towards their lord who does worse than nothing, and is the root cause of their poverty. Finally four, if you claim that you have some special enlightenment, that you are without bias, you are subjecting yourself to a prison of the mind. Only by admitting it, can we do something about our problems, and be free.